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Gallery Art & accessories

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

art And Accessories

Welcome to SRD's new site, here we will post up coming art events that you can attend, art and accessories that you can purchase and bookings for any occasion. also you can easily connect to our social media facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and twitter.

“Welcome to SRD's new website.”


Art is my Passion but is not my only love here at SRD.

A few other services that I provide are:

  • Restoring furniture. **limited only to: wood, metal, plastic and any other hard surface restoration or alterations.**

  • Hand Painted murals. **Interior & exterior.**

  • Custom/Commissioned art.

  • Art for Interior Design and Staging.

  • Artisan Leather goods & Accessories.

Come Visit me Salonika, at the Red Door.

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