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Salonika Rhyne is a self-taught painter, muralist, designer, and seamstress based out of Augusta, Georgia.  Her talent and versatility allows her to create works for clients that span a number of genres. Each commissioned piece ranges from realism to abstract works, and is done on canvas, fabric, or furniture. Salonika loves that acrylic paints and its adaptability enable her to craft pieces that range from soft and whimsical creations to bright and bold productions.  She uses it to create pieces that show off her attention to detail. Whether it is a still life, an abstract painting, or portraiture, her lines, use of colors, and brush strokes allow you to connect with the soul of each piece.   Clients often hire her for artwork for both personal and business reasons.  If you are searching for a beautiful, breathtaking, and unique composition, Salonika’s artistry is just what you need for your corporate office, beach cottage, or your home. 

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